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Faculty and Staff

University-Issued Computers:

Adobe Acrobat Pro will come pre-installed on devices provided by the IT department.

To install the Creative Cloud Suite, visit the Software Center application on Windows, or the Self Service application on Macs.

Personal Computers: Faculty and Staff may install the Adobe Creative Cloud apps on personal machines by visiting

Follow this tutorial: VIDEO PDF 



Students may access Adobe Creative Cloud within the Computer Labs provided across campus, or through Apporto Virtual Applications if required for coursework.

Since graduating students will no longer have access to their SCSU accounts post-graduation, files currently stored within SCSU Adobe accounts may be migrated to a separate, personal account by utilizing the Adobe Student Asset Migration Tool: VIDEO | PDF



Q: When I log into my Adobe account on a campus computer, I am asked to use my personal Adobe ID or Enterprise ID. Which do I use?

A: You will use Enterprise ID. Please click here for a step by step video tutorial


Q: Is there a limit to the number of systems I can log into using my Adobe ID?

A: Adobe states that a user is permitted to be signed into Adobe Creative Cloud on two devices at any given time. 


Q: Are there alternatives to the Adobe Creative Cloud apps?

A: In situations where the Adobe Creative Cloud apps may be unavailable, we have compiled a list of alternative apps commonly used in place of Adobe CC: Adobe Creative Cloud Alternative Apps


Note: These apps are suggested alternatives to the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite applications and will be best effort support by the SCSU IT department.


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