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Adobe has redesigned their software licensing model and this changes how faculty, staff, and students access the Adobe products we provide. Below are many of the common questions that can help you understand what has happened and how to move forward.
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Q: Can I install the Creative Cloud on my personal computer?

A: Yes! Follow this tutorial: VIDEO | PDF 

Q: I am graduating SCSU, and therefore will no longer have access to my SCSU account. How can I migrate my Adobe files? 

A: Follow our tutorials for Adobe Student Asset Migration here: VIDEO | PDF

Q: When I log into my Adobe account on a campus computer, I am asked to use my personal Adobe ID or Enterprise ID. Which do I use?

A: You will use Enterprise ID. Please click here for a step by step video tutorial


Q: Why are we making this change?

A: Adobe has notified all of their enterprise customers that it will be phasing out the use of its existing serial numbers and moving all customers to an Adobe ID and using this as the licensing method. It is our understanding that it is to be able to keep a tighter control of licensing.


Q: I don’t have an Adobe ID.  Do I need to create one?

A: The SCSU IT Department and Adobe have been working this through, for most of the campus we have already created the account for you.  You simply log in when prompted with your full email address and your current password. 

There is a small group of people that had already created an Adobe ID using their SCSU email address.  If you fall into that group don’t worry, we have a process for you to update your account. Simply email the Help Desk with your current Adobe ID and the account name to start the conversion process.


Q: With this new licensing model, will my current version of Creative Cloud still work?

A: Faculty, Staff, and departmental computers that had Adobe Creative Cloud installed after summer 2018 will work as usual. If you are unsure or have an older version, please contact the Help Desk to have your computer updated.  


Q: How will this new licensing model impact teaching/learning in classrooms/labs?

A: IT will have all labs and classrooms converted to the new licensing model for the start of the Fall 2019 term. 


Q: Is there a limit to the number of systems I can log into using my Adobe ID?

A: Adobe states that a user is permitted to be signed into Adobe Creative Cloud on two devices at any given time. 


Q: I will be traveling and will not have internet to log into Adobe Creative Cloud, how do I use any of the Adobe Applications on my laptop?

A: Adobe Creative Cloud applications remains usable for 99 days after login in “offline” mode; so you may continue using any of the Adobe applications while flying or in areas without an internet connection. Make sure you are able to launch at least one of Adobe Creative Cloud Application before you travel.


Q: Do I need to be connected to the Internet at all times to use Creative Cloud?

A: No; users do not need to be connected to the Internet to use the downloaded Creative Cloud apps that are running locally on their desktops.


Q: I only need Adobe Acrobat Pro, do I have to install the entire suite?

A: You can still get only Adobe Acrobat for your PDF editing needs. You will still sign in with this new Adobe ID.

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