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Our standard classroom design has been installed in all upgraded classrooms since 2016. These classrooms include a modern computer, Laptop HDMI hookup, Laptop VGA hookup, AppleTV wireless broadcasting, Miracast wireless broadcasting, and a document camera. Click here for a list of the different classroom types.

Engleman Hall

EN A105 EN A120 EN B218 EN C010
EN A107 EN B014 EN B221 EN C013
EN A109 EN B111 EN B308 EN C020
EN A113 EN B118 EN C007 EN C112
EN A115 EN B125 EN C008 EN C115
EN A117 EN B208 EN C009 EN D031A

Jennings Hall

JE 114 JE 127 JE 342

Morrill Hall

MO 008 MO 108 MO 205
MO 102 MO 111 MO 213
MO 103 MO 113  

School of Business

SB 020A SB 020B

Buley Library

BU 118 BU 447 BU 449

Davis Hall

DA 101 DA 202
DA 102 DA 223


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