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The Information Technology department manages several public and departmental computer labs. SCSU has over 1000 computers (MAC/PC) available for educational use. The main public labs are located on the first floor of the Buley Library and the Adanti Student Center 202. The equipment in the computer labs is on a LifeCycle replacement schedule to ensure the latest technology is offered to the campus. These computers are updated with the latest software including Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Suite, web browsers such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, and other productivity and technical software packages to assist students in coursework. In some areas, specialized hardware and software is available for department specific needs.

General Use Computer Labs

  • Adanti Student Center 202
  • Adanti Student Center 217
  • Buley Library 100
  • Buley Library 104
  • Buley Library 105
  • Buley Library 200
  • Buley Library 300
  • Davis Hall 118
  • North Campus 111
  • West Campus 245


Computer Lab Facilities Offered by Academic Departments (availability will vary per department)

  • Buley Library 007 (Math Emporium)
  • Earl Hall 216 (Arts)
  • Engleman Hall A 012 (Writing Center)
  • Engleman Hall B17 (Center for Adaptive Technology)
  • Engleman Hall A109/B303/B305/B306/B307 (English facilities / classrooms)
  • Engleman Hall B131 (Language Lab)
  • Engleman Hall C017 (Anthropology/Sociology)
  • Engleman Hall C212 (Political Science)
  • Engleman Hall D029/031 (Psychology Lab/classroom)
  • Engleman Hall D124 (Math Lab)
  • Engleman Hall 221
  • Jennings Hall 132 (Nursing)
  • Jennings Hall 139 (Computer Science)
  • Morrill Hall 8 (Computer Science)
  • Morrill Hall 13 (Computer Science)
  • Morrill Hall 113 (Computer Science)
  • Morrill Hall 122 (Geography)
  • Morrill Hall 205 (Journalism)
  • Nursing Building 100 (Nursing)
  • Wintergreen Building (Career Services)

Printing is available in these lab rooms using the Pay-for-Print service and some labs also offer scanning capability. During the regular semester, the main computer labs are open seven days a week. Lab hours are posted outside each facility. A valid username and password are required to login to the computing equipment, and students are required to use their SCSU Hoot Loot ID Card to print in these facilities.

Lab Software

Lab Hardware

  • PC
  • Mac


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