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Microsoft Teams provides numerous tools for creating a collaborative workspace, while integrating your other Office 365 apps and services. Your customizable workspace includes features such as instant-messaging chats, video or audio calls, screen sharing, file sharing, the ability to schedule meetings, and more! Available as a desktop application, smartphone app, and website, Microsoft Teams allows users to access these tools from anywhere.

Chat messaging, Screen Sharing, and Video Conferencing

The Microsoft Teams software has a chat feature that allows you to privately message an individual or create custom group chats. Individual and group chat have the ability to schedule meetings, collaborate on documents, video conference, or share a live stream of your computer screen.

What are teams?

In addition to the chat features, you may also be a member of a Team. Teams are collections of people, content, and tools centered around different disciplines within the organization. In the Team space, members can have all pertinent information and discussions in one easy-to-access location.  Each team is provided 1 TB of space to share, view, and edit files. Microsoft document types can be edited directly in the Teams interface. 

Overview of Microsoft Teams:

How to install Microsoft Teams


  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a University Mac - Video | PDF 
  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a Personal Mac - Video | PDF 


  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a University PC - Video | PDF 
  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a Personal PC - Video PDF


  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a Personal Android - Video | PDF


  • Installing Microsoft Teams on a Personal iOS device - Video | PDF

Web Browser

  • Using Microsoft Teams in a Web Browser- Video | PDF

Administering Microsoft Teams

  • Creating a Team - Video | PDF 
  • Guest Access - Video | PDF
  • Managing a Team (Add / Remove Members) - Video | PDF 
  • Creating and Managing Channels - Video | PDF 
  • Managing Files in Channels - Video  | PDF

Using Microsoft Teams

  • Overview of the Basics - VideoPDF 
  • Using the Chat Feature - Video | PDF
  • Managing Files in Channels - Video | PDF 
  • Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop Control - Video PDF
  • Creating & Receiving Meeting Invitations - Video | PDF
  • Using the Call Feature - Video | PDF


Note: When working from home, if you are remotely accessing a computer that is on campus, Microsoft Teams audio and video will not work properly, as Teams will be using the microphone and web cam on that computer rather than the one in front of you.  To utilize these functions, you will need to download the Teams software on the actual computer being used at home and launch from there.


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