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There are several computers available on the first floor of the library for campus visitors that do not have an official sponsor. For information on these computers, see the Library Reference Desk on the first floor of Buley Library. For all other types of guest access, a campus sponsor is required. A campus sponsor is an employee or student who assumes responsibility for the actions of their guest. 

Wireless Access
Students and Employees can create temporary wireless accounts for their visitors. To create a wireless guest account, log in to Guest Access Portal and fill out the contact information for your guest. When complete, you should select the “Email Account” option to have the system send the username and password directly to your visitor. Guest wireless accounts can provide access for a maximum of 14 days but several accounts can be created if the visitor needs extended access. Creating wireless guest account tutorial: Video | PDF 

Computer Access
For sponsored guests that need computer access, the sponsor can create an Affiliate account.

To do so, the sponsor needs to
  • Go to and login.
  • Navigate to the app titled “PowerApps”
  • In the middle of the page, under “Your Apps”, select “Affiliate Account Management”
  • The sponsor will then need to select “New Request” on the left and fill out the appropriate information.
  • Click “Submit” , the Affiliate account is ready.

Contact the SCSU Help Desk for further assistance

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