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Southern CT State University provides several secure and encrypted wireless networks for students, employees, and sponsored guests.  
Students, Faculty, and Staff 
Personal Devices: Students, faculty, and staff should connect to the eduroam wireless network on their personally-owned laptops and mobile devices. As a federated wireless network, eduroam is available at over 1,000 locations worldwide.   

University barcoded computers: University equipment will automatically connect to the SSL wireless network while on campus. There are a few cases where the network is available to university iPads. 

Connecting to SSL on Windows: VIDEO PDF 

Connecting to SSL on Mac: VIDEO PDF 

University Guests 
Wireless access can be provided to guests while visiting our campus. For access to this network, a campus sponsor (student or employee) must create a guest wireless account in advance. These accounts can be created to provide access for 4 days. Visit the guest services page for more information, or sign in to the wireless guest access request system to get started.
Residence Halls 
Students living in the Residence Halls are provided internet through Comcast. See the information available on the Residence Life page for more information on Comcast wireless and the support offerings.

Students having issues in their dormitory will need to contact the hall director.

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